Mindfulness in the workplace is researched to be an effective way to;
manage employee's stress levels, decrease sick time, improve focus, attention, efficacy on the job, staff moral and interpersonal relationships.

Mindfulness for Workplace Wellness Webinar 

In this webinar or workshop, employees will learn the basic attitudes of mindfulness, effects of stress on the mind and body, benefits of mindfulness meditation in the workplace and in daily life. It will include experiential and didactic learning, self-reflection, and group dialogue. Training's can be modified to meet the needs of audience-based upon request. 

Webinar Rates

60 minute  = $250 +GST

90 minute  = $375 + GST

120 minute = $500 + GST


Workplace MBSR Program [Live Online]

Founded by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn in 1979, the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program is an evidence-based secular (nonreligious) intensive mindfulness meditation training program. Since the beginning, MBSR has been at the forefront of scientific research revealing that those who practice mindfulness-based practices experience an enhanced sense of well-being within the challenges faced in everyday life. 


  • Stress management/decrease sick time

  • Reduce the number of workplace accidents/errors

  • Improve focus, attention, and efficacy on the job

  • Improve staff morale, communications, and interpersonal working relationships

Session Format

  • Each class consists of experiential practice, self-reflection, intellectual learning, and group dialogue

  • Learn six (6) mindfulness meditation practices for stress reduction; including mindful movement and the science behind those techniques

  • Explore introspective mindfulness practices designed to enhance self-awareness and discovery 

  • Weekly home practices assigned 

  • Additional support available in between sessions

  • Receive weekly 'check in' emails 

Ten (10) Sessions

1 x 60 min orientation + 8 x 2.5 hour weekly sessions + full day 7.5 hrs


Workplace MBSR Program Rates

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