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individual mindfulness-based
stress reduction 


individual mindfulness-based stress reduction program [ virtual or in-person ]

founded by Jon Kabat-Zinn in 1979, the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program is an nine-week evidence based secular intensive mindfulness training program designed to improve a one's capacity, resiliency and efficacy in dealing with the trials and tribulations of everyday life. The MBSR program is based on clinical experience and scientific investigations, resulting in a structured pathway to relieve suffering and increase wellbeing for people facing a host of challenges.


This program follows the same structure, curriculum and format as a group MBSR Program but in a more flexible and intimate learning environment. This program can start at any time.

potential learned benefits:

  • increase self- awareness

  • respond to daily stressors more effectively and adaptively

  • reduce emotional reactivity and mental angst

  • relate to existing health conditions in a new way

  • nurture a genuine, meaningful relationship with your body and mind 

  • enhance the feeling of connection to self, others and all beings

  • boost overall quality of your life


program format:

  • ten (10) X weekly sessions:

    • 1 X 60 min orientation

    • 8 X 90 min weekly sessions

    • 1 X Self-Retreat w/ Support & 1:1 Reflection Time

program structure:

  • weekly sessions include:

    • guided mindfulness-based practices

    • inquiry & self-reflection 

    • dialogue & experiential learning

  • weekly 'check in' emails 

personal investment:

virtual = $1087 + gst 

in-person = $1447 + gst

*Flexible Payment plans available

cancellation policy:

your well-being is very important to me. I understand that sometimes unexpected delays can occur, making schedule adjustments. If you need to cancel your session, I respectfully request at least 24 hours notice. Any cancellation or reschedule made less than 24 hours will result in a cancellation fee of $50. The amount of the fee is equal to 50% of the reserved services. If you are more than 15 minutes late for your session, the same cancellation fee will apply. 

want to learn more?

contact me

brandi matheson

email. | tel.604-309-9634

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