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If you have taken an 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program in the past and notice your mindfulness practice is in need of a reboot or you would like to continue to deepen your mindfulness practice, this MBSR Refresher Program

may be for you!

Following a similar structure and format of the 8-week MBSR Program this 6-week 'MBSR Refresher' program is designed to reignite your formal and informal mindfulness practice and deepen your understanding and skills that were introduced and developed throughout MBSR. 


Participants are encouraged to uphold a commitment to a daily mindfulness meditation practice, as well as explore various introspective practice offered throughout the program and beyond.


  • 2021 Program Dates - TBS

Learned Benefits ​​

  • Re-establish, re-ignite or deepen your daily formal and informal mindfulness practice(s)

  • Continue to nurture and strengthen the relationship with yourself (body-mind-heart)

  • Deepening your understanding of the various themes covered in MBSR;

    • Mindfulness of;

      • the body

      • perceptions 

      • feeling tones

      • stress physiology

      • mental and emotional states

      • relationships 


  • Each session consists of experiential learning, self-reflection, and dialogue / discussions

  • Revisit the foundational mindfulness meditation practices introduced throughout MBSR 

  • Explore new introspective exercises/practices

  • Engage in a daily home practice

  • Additional support available in between sessions

  • Receive weekly 'check in' emails 

Seven (6) sessions

5 x 2.5 hours sessions + 1 full day retreat


$350.00 + GST

Eligibility Requirements

  • Completion of an 8 week MBSR course, taught by a qualified MBSR teacher through UMASS, Medical School, Centre for Mindfulness, with attendance for at least 6/8 sessions + completion of the full day session.

  • New to me as a teacher? It is important to check me out! Arrange a phone conversation prior to applying for the program.


Refund Policy

A refund will be issued if cancellation happens up to one week prior to the orientation session. If cancellation occurs after the orientation session and/or the first session the following is options are available;

  • the opportunity to take the MBSR Refresher Program the next time it is offered

  • one on one sessions based on the amount that was spent