Developed by Kristen Neff, Ph.D. and Christopher Germer, Ph.D. the Mindful Self-Compassion Program combines the skill of mindfulness and self-compassion to help strengthen emotional resilience in times of difficulty. The MSC Program is appropriate for anyone looking to enhance their wellbeing by reducing the unnecessary angst caused by self-criticism, judgement
and being hard on yourself.

Individual MSC Program [Live Online]

The individual MSC program follows the same structure, curriculum and format as the group MSC Program but provides the flexibility and intimacy of 1:1 learning. The program can begin at any time.

Learned Benefits

  • Help reduce self-created angst 

  • Learn to relate to yourself with kindness rather than with criticism

  • Embrace difficult emotions and situations with less pain, stress & anxiety

  • Enhance mental & emotional wellbeing, joy and ease

  • Manage burnout

  • Nurture genuine, meaningful relationships with yourself & others 

  • Develop a daily mindfulness & self-compassion meditation practice

  • Integrate mindfulness & self-compassion in everyday life


Individual MSC Program Format

  • Weekly; 90 min Virtual Session for 9 weeks + 'Self-Retreat' 

  • Each weekly session includes:

    • mindfulness meditation practice

    • self-reflection

    • experiential learning 

    • dialogue / discussion on weekly theme 

  • Weekly 'check in' emails 

Ten (10) Virtual Sessions 

1x orientation + 9 x 90 minute sessions + 1x self retreat  = $1015 + GST 

*Flexible Payment plans available. In-person sessions available for an additional cost.

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