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stress less.
Enjoy More.

I have been specializing in mental health and wellbeing for over 20 years.


During those decades of service, I've had the honor and privilege of walking alongside many individuals - from all walks of life - on their wellness journey.


In 2011, I became program manager for a mental wellness centre located in Mission, B.C. Feeling compromised by the stress and pressure of this new position, I sought out new ways I could support my wellbeing outside of the traditional modalities I was currently using. This is when mindfulness and meditation found me.


Fast forward to now, these ancient practices are the cornerstone of my self-care routine and the lens in which I support and care for others. Through mindfulness and meditation I am learning to appreciate this human predicament we find ourselves in. It is teaching me how to lighten up, take my mind less seriously, be less self-focused and judgmental and in turn more grateful.

The outcome, less stress- enjoy more!

My desire is to support you to discover for yourself new healthy and adaptive pathways to wellbeing.

I look forward to the opportunity to walkalong side you on this mindful journey.

In love and kind regards always,

~ Brandi 

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"True happiness is not contingent on external things nor is it completely free from suffering. It is an internal state of ease that emerges when we can embrace both the chaos and the joy of each  moment with

wisdom, and perspective."

- Brandi Matheson



professional training & development:


I have 20 + years experience working as a mental health professional with organizations like Communitas Supportive Care Society, Archway Community Services and Mennonite Central Committee and am certified teacher of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction through the University of Massachusetts, Medical School, Centre for Mindfulness. With advanced training in MBSR through the University of San Diego, Centre for Mindfulness.


I completed my teacher training in Mindful Self-Compassion through the Centre for Mindful Self-Compassion, and have recently completed a diploma program in counselling. I am also a certified 'trauma informed' yoga teacher.

I am very committed to deepening my knowledge of mindfulness and meditation and do so by participating in intensive silent meditation retreats in the Vipassana tradition. To date and in counting, I have spent 168 days in intensive mindfulness and meditation practice and have studied with the following respected teachers in their field of expertise;

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