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'for Mental Health in Teens, Youth & Adults'

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but I firmly believe it takes the world to raise an adult.


My journey through life have been blessed with an innumerable amount of support— family, friends and strangers alike; each one playing a role in who I am today. Naturally, I feel a sense of deep gratitude for every body who has joined me on this wild adventure called life - no one is left out of the fold. However, there are a few with whom I maintain a mutually beneficial working relationship with and would like to share their gifts with the world.


Clo Nickel founder of Anxiety Counselling Services, is a Registered Professional Counsellor who specializes in the treatment of anxiety and panic disorders. As a counsellor with her own lived experience and over a decade in the mental health field, Clo’s therapeutic approach is person-centered, warm, compassionate and uniquely understanding. During her career, she has been profoundly honored to witness and help guide her clients to not only heal, but thrive and grow through evidence-based strategies and the deep work of core emotional processing.

The clinical modalities she draws on include Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy, and Acceptance & Compassion based therapies.


Andrea McGeorge, is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (RTC).

She is passionate about helping others heal through connection. To facilitate the healing journey, we must first feel safe enough to let someone see us in our vulnerability. Through empathy, radical acceptance, and experiential exercises, I help clients shift their old beliefs, reframe them, and make space for creating new ones.


Jenn Cusick created Luminate Wellness in order to satisfy her itchy visionary spirit, and share what she has learned from her time on the frontlines of wellness and recovery with an even broader community.  

Jenn personally understands deep struggle. She has been through some really dark seasons in her life, and through much support from others and personal work, she has learned survival skills to stay afloat in difficult seasons. She has also supported close family members through their mental health struggles. 

For twenty years, she has been creating curriculum, delivering trainings, and facilitating workshops that kick doors open in the minds of her clients. She has been leading the way to wellness primarily by honouring her own pioneering spirit. She can’t stop now.


Magnolia Health and Wellness was founded by Dr. Janine Orlando, Ph.D., RCC, and Leanne Fleming, M.Ed. Our team comprises highly skilled teachers, School Counsellors, and Registered Clinical Counsellors who understand the challenges faced by educators in today's world. Our goal is to create a safe and trusting environment where you can share anything that's on your mind.

Whether you're struggling with anxiety, burnout, or navigating major life changes, we're here to help. Our caring team is committed to supporting you through any challenge, big or small. You don't have to face it alone. Connect with one of our counsellors today and begin your journey towards better overall health.

Repose Therapy, we believe in change, hope and transformation: this is the core of our work. We trust that every person has the resources they need within them to move towards living the life they desire.  When we experience the integration of our body, heart, mind, and spirit, we feel freedom, wholeness, and harmony within. People are complex and there are many avenues to healing and well being. Through counselling, yoga, massage and essential oils we provide channels to access healing and health.  At Repose you will learn to trust yourself as you find peace and rest; and from this place, thrive.


British Columbia Insight Meditation Society (BCIMS) aims to be a meeting place for anyone interested in learning more about the liberating teachings of the Buddha, in furthering their meditation practice and in living their realization of the dharma.

Our aim is to provide access to the dharma at any level of interest, addressing both depth of practice and integration of dharma into life and community. We believe the dharma is for anyone who is interested and welcome everyone regardless of gender, race, class, sexual orientation, disability or age.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction British Columbia (MBSR -BC) supports mindfulness practice and awareness in daily life. Offering Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, Mindfulness Based Compassion Programs and Retreats within BC.


Their vision is to make MBSR accessible in BC with programs offered by qualified teachers who have been dedicated to their own practice and to living mindfully for many years.   We wish to support individuals and communities in furthering the practice of mindfulness and awareness through MBSR, MBCT,  Self Compassion and graduate  programs.

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